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ACL products have always met and exceeded industry standards. Even the most tightly regulated ESD areas remain safe as manufacturers are able to take charge of static problems by using ACL's family of products:
• Anti-static coatings for plastic
• Dissipative coatings for floors
• ESD workstation products
• Static detection meters and equipment

As technology's rapid advance continues, the need to control static becomes increasingly important. Rest assured, ACL Incorporated continues to develop innovative products to meet your needs. When it comes to static protection, ACL has you covered.

Anti-Static Solution and Staticide® Dust Remover and Office Products Hand Lotion
  • General Purpose
  • Heavy Duty
  • Staticide Concentrate
  • • Dust Remover
    • Anti-static Foam Cleaner
  • Staticide® Hand Lotion
  • Mat And Table Top Cleaner Staticide® Wipes ESD Wastebaskets & Liners
  • Trigger Grip Cleaner
  • • Staticide®
    • Lint-Free
    • Wastebasket
    • Liners