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Aimco Basic Workstation Kit Aimco Tool Support Arms
  • Retrofit is simple with the ATW-50 Workstation Kit
  • This simple solution retrofits to any existing worksurface for a complete and organized workstation

  • Tool Basket
  • Trolley Mounted Torque Arms
  • Bench Mounted Jibs and Workstations
  • Components Tool Balancers and Retractors
  • Additional components for completing your workstation

  • A-Series Balancers have a clear housing so you can see the quality inside
  • Place frequently used tools within easy reach and support the weight of these tools
  • All TW models are gravity defying true balancers.

  • Wall and Floor Mounted Jibs
  • Create your own support systems to suit your specific needs
  • Jibs can be wall mounted or attached to vertical column (AVC-5-ACG) to create a free standing work station - End stop, end caps, and balancer trolley are included
  • Floor mounted jibs include end stop, balancer trolley and intermediate carrier
  • When choosing a workstation system, remember total weight capacities should include tool balancer, balancer, hose/cable and tool/fixture
  • Units need to be supported vertically and horizontally every 6'