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ASG is a leading supplier of products for light assembly. Their extensive product line includes torque-controlled electric screwdrivers, automation products, production aides, inspection & testing and other complimentary products for light assembly. With 20 years experience ASG's in-house and field experts welcome the opportunity to solve all your assembly challenges!
ASG Econo-Busters Promotion ASG Electric Torque Drivers
Limited time offer! All drivers in this category come with a FREE PS-55 Power Supply.
Electric DC drivers have many models and options to choose from, including Class 100 approved drivers!
A Series DC Electric Drivers
BL Series DC Electric Drivers
CL Series DC Electric Drivers
CLF Series DC Electric Drivers
SS Series DC Electric Drivers
TL Series DC Electric Drivers
AC Series Direct Plug Drivers
ES & ED Series Direct Plug Drivers
VB Series Direct Plug Drivers
VZ Series Direct Plug Drivers

ASG Pneumatic Drivers ASG Manual Drivers
Choose from many styles of pneumatic drivers, in both auto-stop and non auto-stop.
Cushion Clutch
Direct Drive
Lever Start
Pistol Grip
Positive Clutch
Push to Start
Right Angle

Manual drivers come in either Pre-set or Adjustable models, excellent for use anywhere controlled torque is needed. Recommended for low volume assembly and manual repairs.

ASG Driver Accessories ASG Power Supplies
Pistol grips, Right angle assemblies, Push-to-start kits, and other options for your ASG drivers can be found here.
Power supplies are required for all DC Electric ASG Drivers. PS-55 is the most popular power supply ASG makes, although many options are available depending on the model driver you choose.
ASG Rail Feeders & Accessories ASG Tool Supports
Rail Feeders come in two types: Adjustable and Interchangeable. Interchangeable come with different sized rails to change depending on screw size. Adjustable requires no rails but adjusts to fit screw size.
Rail Feeders

ASG produces many types of tool supports, from corded balancers to pneumatically assisted arms, choose the stand that is best for your application.
ASG Torque Testers
Make sure your drivers are calibrated and working properly with an ASG Torque Tester. Record and download torque information to Excel™.