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Look no further than PAC for your stainless steel furniture! We have a broad range of items in electropolished and non-electropolished; including carts, perf top tops tables, heavy duty tables, storage, ladders, dispensers and much more! Don't see what your looking for? Contact us Monday through Friday at 888.903.0333 or by email at and we would be happy to help you locate and select the furniture best suited for your application.
CleanPro Stainless Steel Cabinets CleanPro Custom Cleanroom Sink Units
View CleanPro custom Stainless Steel Cabinet options.
View all sink options.
Polypropylene Lab & Cleanroom Furniture Waste Management
A variety of standard and customizable Cleanroom and Laboratory polypropylene furniture.
Whether you need to safely dispose of hazardous materials such as syringes or just general waste, you will find the receptacle for your application here. Five styles to choose from.
CleanPro Custom Storage Shelves Step Ladders
Wall mounted shelves, floor units, specialty storage. The storage you need can be found here. Many of the styles can be custom configured to fit your application.
Choose from one step to five steps. Most of the step ladders we offer are electropolished stainless steel. For safety reasons,  all ladders immobilize when weight is applied and all ladders over two steps have hand railings.
Miscellaneous items for your clean room/gowning room.