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CleanPro Cleanroom Furniture Cleanroom Tables & Workstations
CleanPro Custom Stainless Steel & Polypropylene Workstations, Storage, Waste Management & more.
Eagle Type 304 stainless steel tables are available with solid or perforated tops, brushed or electropolished finish. All perforated tops have 3/4" perforations on 1" centers, allowing for 40% laminar flow.

Custom Cleanroom Tables also available from CleanPro.
Cleanroom Carts Cleanroom Chairs
Transportation within the cleanroom is important, and we carry a number of diffrent styles of carts to suit any application, from basic shelves, to specialized carts for transerfing wafers.
All of our manufacturers offer cleanroom options, find the right style and price for your space.
Dessicator Cabinets CleanPro® Filtered Ionized Air Parts Cleaning Systems
We carry dessicator cabinets from DMS, high quality and durable.
The CleanPro® Filtered Ionized Air Parts Cleaning Chambers are stainless steel closed loop parts cleaning system that employs three proven cleaning tools; static neutralization, high velocity compressed air and advanced HEPA filtration - all in a single, compact unit occupying minimal bench space.
Laminar Flow Benches Stainless Steel Cabinets
We offer a comprehensive line of clean benches and workstation models incorporating either HEPA or ULPA air filtration systems.
Ideal for wash-down & cleanroom areas.
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