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Custom Desiccator Cabinets

We can supply you with a solution to satisfy any situation or application that requires accurate and constant Humidity Control.

Combined Use of N2 Gas (1-50% RH + N2 Gas)
N2 Gas can be used to 'purge' cabinets upon the closing for the cabinets doors to ensure the quickest possible recovery time.
By combining N2 with CleanPro Cabinet Technology a constant 1% RH Environment can be maintained, even with a high occurrence of door openings. Significant cost reductions can also be realized by facilities that already have N2 in use. Consumption can be erduced to ~1/20th, or less than that of current levels.

Multilevel Sliding Racks (30-50% RH)
Multilevel sliding drawer style storage is ideal for protecting your data (microfilm, disks, tapes, ect...) from deadly humidity. Just let us know how little or how much you want to store, and our engineers will come up with a design perfect for your needs.

Pass Boxes (1-50% RH + Double Sided Doors)
When a wall seperates you from your goods, a CleanPro Dry Box can be installed to allow for humidity controlled access from both sides. Perfect for: inventroy control and distribution, passing along to different stages of component manufacturing, or accommodating multiple production departments operating in ajoining rooms. Special doors ensure that the cabient is only opened from one side at a time, preventing "flow-through" of the ambient environment. Built to order.

Cabinets Made to Your Specifications
In addition to our standard offering, we will build custom sized and shaped cabinets to fit any space within your facility. You can customize the materials used (steel, or stainless steel), the number and size of doors & shelves, the number of compartments, and the degree if Antistatic protection desired.

Wagons and Carts (1-50% RH)
Wagons, carts, and custom designed cabinets, or any combination thereof, can be the perfect solution to your issues regarding humidity safe storage and transport of goods between locations within or between your facilities.
Protective carts are housed directly inside specially deisgned CleanPro Cabinets. These cabinets are manufactured with movable ramps that minimize the agitiation of the carts, and the goods contained within them, while being loaded or unloaded from the cabinet. Built to order.

Anything Else You Can Think Of?
Have you got a project or application that involves ultra low, or constant humidity control that doesn't seem to be covered conceptually on this page? We would welcome the opportunity to have our engineers speak to you regarding your specifications.

If we can't assist you (and we probably can) then we will be happy to give you some assistance in continuing your search for a solution. Challenges Welcome.