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Tronex Long Ergonomic Handle Cutters Tronex Standard Handle Cutters Erem Angled Tip Cutters
For standard tip cutting applications.
Erem Carbide Cutters Erem Diagonal Cutters Erem Tapered Head Cutters
For cutting applications where easy access is required.
Erem PCB Cutters Erem Tip Cutters Erem Oval Cutters
Cutters that have edges with fine radii to avoid board damage.
Erem Pneumatic Cutters Excelta Lazer Line Cutters Excelta Cutters
Erem Pneumatic Cutters and Pliers are rated for over one million uses.
Excelta has pioneered the combined use of Laser technology with the most advanced CNC machining to produce the finest grade premium cutter available.
Four levels of high precision compression and shear cutters, available for both soft and hard wire applications ideal for electronic and medical cutting applications. Choose from many styles.
Lindstrom 80 Series Cutters Lindstrom Handsaver ESD 80 Series Cutters Lindstrom Handsaver ESD 70 Series Cutters
Lindstrom Ex Series Ergonomic Cutters Lindstrom Rx Series Cutters Lindstrom Supreme Cutters
Lindstrom ESD Safe Plastic Cutters Xcelite Diagonal Lead Cutters Xcelite General Purpose Cutters
Xcelite Heavy Duty Cutters Xcelite Oval Head Cutters Xcelite Piano Wire Cutters
Features a shear cutting action that ensures square cut ends.
Xcelite Tapered Head Cutters Xcelite Tranverse Cutters