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ESD Flooring Solutions from P|A|C
Production Automation carries many solutions for creating an ESD safe floor. Read more about our options below:

Permanent Vinyl Conductive Flooring: DIY installation for only $5.35 a square foot. View details.

Permanent Rubber Conductive Flooring: DIY installation for only $4.85 a square foot. View details.

Modular Conductive Flooring: Vinyl tiles with hidden interlocks can be laid over many surfaces including existing carpet. best modular solution for cart traffic. View details.

Black Interlocking Floor Panels: The fastest modular solution, with raised surfaces for added traction. View details.

ESD Floor Runners: Excellent for aisle protection. View details.

ESD Floor Mats: Ideal for workcells where anti-fatigue properties are as important as ESD protection. View details.

ESD Floor Paint & Wax: Turn your concrete warehoues floor into a permanently conductive ESD floor. View details.

ESD and Conductive Flooring Solutions
Static Dissipative & Conductive Roll Flooring Modular Conductive/Dissipative Hidden Interlock Flooring Tiles
This durable vinyl or rubber flooring is so easy to install, it can be done yourself!
The look and performance of permanent flooring with the installation ease of modular temporary flooring!
StatPro ESD Flooring Conductive Carpet Tiles
StatPro Flooring is a free-floating, interlocking, ESD floor system.
OhmStyle ESD will dramatically improve the appearance of any work space environment and offers you the ability to reconfigure your flooring layout as needed.
ESD Anti-Fatigue Mats Conductive Runner Mats
Mats guaranteed to be safe for static-controlled environments with the best ergonomic and worker safety benefits.
The Electrically Conductive Runner is ideal where static prevention is a priority. It quickly carries out to ground preventing damage to vulnerable equipment in heavy use areas.

Thickness: 3/16"
ESD Floor Finishes
Permanent Conductive Floor Paint, Urethane Coatings and Conductive Floor Wax