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Cover your entire workplace with TWO FEET of Anti Fatigue Matting!
ErgoMates relieve pain and fatigue caused by standing and walking on hard surfaces. Ergos mobile anti-fatigue strap-on footwear can reduce these negative effects by as much as 50%.
Pain & Fatigue can be optional.
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ErgoMates benefit both employees and employers!

Read more about the problems of fatigue and benefits of ErgoMates below.
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Men's & Women's XS, Choose for use with Boots or Sneakers Men's & Women's XS, Choose for use with Boots or Sneakers, ESD Safe Box of 12 pairs, Choose from Medium or Large sizes

The Problem: Pain, Fatigue and Injury
The average person takes 8,000 steps per day, but for workers in industries like manufacturing, health care, and retail, that number is much higher. Studies have shown that up to half of the manufacturing and service industry workforce spends four or more hours a day walking or standing.

There are many health risks associated with extended periods of standing and walking on the job such as:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries: injuries or disorders of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, joints, and bones.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries: Injuries that affect the muscles, tendons, and nerves.
  • Impact Shock: Repetitive striking of the heel against the floor sending shocks waves that affect the feet, knees, hips, and lower back.
  • Pain and Fatigue: being farthest from the heart, the feet generally have poorer circulation, leading to blood pooling, trapped fluid, and swollen feet/ankles.
  • Slips & Falls: Slips and falls are the second leading cause of injury in the workplace.
  • The Comfortable Solution: ErgoMates
    ErgoMates provide a comfortable solution to the problem of pain, fatigue, and injury in the workplace. The same factors that motivate companies to purchase anti-fatigue matting apply to ErgoMates as well, with the added benefit of mobility and slip resistance. Erogmates can be used on their own or as a complement to an existing anti-fatigue matting system. They are recommended for use in workplaces where employees are mobile or where traditional mats are inefficient due to moving equipment, space contraints, or sheer size. ErgoMates are the only product to exceed employeer and employee expectations for comfort and safety.

    How ErgoMates Work:
    ErgoMates have a U.S. patent as the world's first and only mobile anti-fatigue matting system. By strapping ErgoMates onto existing footwear, employees take the mat with them. When work is finished, ErgoMates are simply removed and stored for their next use. ErgoMates are not a replacement to existing footwear, but have been designed to prolong the life of shoes and boots while maintaining all CSA safety warranties.