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FR-1012B PCB Preheater from Hakko FR-870 2-Bank IR PCB Preheater from Hakko FR-830 PCB Preheater from Hakko
FR-1012B PCB Preheater
Our Price: $1,649.97
FR-870 2-Bank IR Preheater
Our Price: $1,047.97
FR-830 PCB Preheater
Our Price: $343.37
The Preheater operates in either of two modes, Power Mode or Thermocouple Mode. Power Mode allows the user to set the output of the unit manually. The FR-870 is a bench-top board heater designed to elevate the temperature of printed circuit board assemblies so that components on them can be soldered and de-soldered more easily, and with improved results. The Hakko FR-830 is a compact and low cost solution to preheating printed circuit boards. The design of the FR-830 delivers consistent heat to the bottom of printed circuit boards and is particularly beneficial when soldering lead-free assemblies.
C1390C Omivise PCB Holder
Our Price: $59.57
C1391B Nozzle Tray
Our Price: $79.87
Easy-to-use, battery operated pick-up tool for surface mount components Holds baords easily, safely and securely. Unique design allows 360° use Convenient storage for nozzles
C1392B Rework Fixture
Our Price: $724.87
Rack and pinion action for smooth vertical motion.