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CleanPro Cleanroom Gowning Systems
  • Modern, aesthetic, ergonomic design
  • Infinite layout options
  • Suitable for all cleanroom industries
  • Fits all gown room sizes and procedures
  • Modular, easy to install

  • Turnkey projects are CleanPro's speciality

  • The extensive range of gownroom products designed and manufactured by CleanPro is second to none. CleanPro has a solution to every gownroom requirement, adding a touch of beauty to your cleanroom. CleanPro has fitted gownrooms ranging from small interlocks up to high-density gownrooms serving 2000+ personnel

  • The gownroom is often the first impression for employees and visitors alike, that they are entering into a special area. CleanPro products are guaranteed to ensure that your company will give the best possiable impression, as well as serving all the ergonomic, cleanliness and functional requirements.
  • CleanPro Gowning
    Gowning Racks Gowning Benches Swing Over Bench
    These racks are designed for efficient storage of garments in the cleanroom.
    These heavy duty benches include flanged Stainless Steel foot plates for convenient attachment to the floor.
    Helmet Racks Hangers Accessories