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JBC: A new and revolutionary technology
JBC's exculsive heating system generates high power with a small size heater. The result is both a minimum of heated mass and a minimum of thermal intertia. For optimum performance concerning immediate temperature recovery, maximum power supply and minimum temperature fluctuations, the heating system features an extremely sensitive temperature sensor integrated in the resistor.

Ergonomics and Usability:
JBC soldering irons are currently the lightest, smallest and most ergonomic handpieces available in the market. The short tip-to-handle distance benefits a higher and more accurate work performance.

Low Ownership Costs, Cartridges Last up to FIVE Times Longer:
On leaving the soldering iron on the stand, the temperature of the tip automatically drops to 220 C; the temperature is back to work immediately after taking the soldering iron from the stand. This 'stand-by' temperature drop significantly reduces wear of the tip, resultign in extended life up to five times longer than conventional non-JBC tips.

Low-Temperature Soldering for Lead-Free Soldering:
JBC Systems allow soldering at 380 C instead of 450 C thanks to its highly effcient temperature recovery system. This system eliminates the risk of damaging components by applying excessive heat and therefore optimizes the quality of your operations.
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