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MX-500TS SMT Rework/Talon System


Unrivaled Comfort and Simplicity

The short tip-to-grip distance, characteristic of the OKi Metcal Hand-Piece, improves process precision, especially for fine-pitch applications. The easy-squeeze design of Metcal's Talon tweezers has been ergonomically designed for superior performance, unmatched comfort, and optimum control.

MX-500TS SMT Rework/Talon System Includes:
  • MX-500P - Two port switchable power supply with power cord
  • MX-TALON - Talon Hand-Piece with Cord
  • MX-WS5 - DS1/Talon Workstand
  • MX-RM3E - Rework Hand-Piece with Cord
  • MX-WS4 - MX Workstand with YS3 Sponge
  • AC-YS3 - Sponge (2)
  • AC-CP2 - Cartridge Removal Pad (2)

    Unlike conventional soldering/rework systems that rely on stored energy, the MX-500TS SMT Rework/Talon System uses SmartHeat for direct power on demand. Despite its capacity to work at lower, safer temperatures, SmartHeat still delivers the fastest temperature recovery, joint-to-joint, in the industry.
  • Below you will find the MX-500TS SMT Rework/Talon System and a variety of our frequently used 500 Series STTC Soldering Tip Cartridges & TATC Talon Tip Cartridges for temperature range ≤ 575° F. Click one the following links if you would like to switch between views of the MX-500TS with Tip Cartridges for other temperature ranges. STTC Soldering Tip Cartridges are for use with the MX and the STSS soldering/rework hand pieces only. They cannot be used with the SP systems, the Talon or desoldering hand-pieces
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    OKi Metcal MX-500TS-11 OKi Metcal STTC-036 OKi Metcal STTC-136
    Two Port 100/120 VAC - Rework/Talon System For medium to heavy load joints requiring extra reach For medium to heavy load joints requiring extra reach
    OKi Metcal STTC-536 OKi Metcal STTC-836 OKi Metcal STTC-537
    For medium to heavy load joints requiring extra reach For medium to heavy load joints requiring extra reach For a wide variety of tasks - if you are chooosing the first tip for your Oki Metcal system, the STTC-537 is ideal
    OKi Metcal STTC-538 OKi Metcal STTC-525 OKi Metcal STTC-507
    A finer version of the STTC-537 - ideal for medium to light through-hole and general surface mount touch-up Good for a variety of light soldering tasks - if you are looking for a surface mount touch-up tip the STTC-525 should be your first choice General-purpose SMT and through-hole tip when access is limited
    OKi Metcal STTC-522 OKi Metcal STTC-506 OKi Metcal STTC-540
    Sharp tip cartridges for soldering SMT components or fine wire applications (not for general through-hole tasks) For limited access SMT rework Tip for soldering SMT components - the bend makes it much easier to work on small circuits and PLCCs
    OKi Metcal STTC-545
    An extended length fine tip for surface mount or fine wire applications (not for general through-hole tasks)