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SMTC SMT Rework Tip Cartridges STDC Desoldering System Tip Cartridges
  • Designed for reworking SMT components
  • SMTC Tip Cartridges do it all - assembly, removal, and cleaning
  • Only for use with the MX-RM3E Soldering/Rework Hand-Pieces for STSS/MX Systems

  • Standard and Long Reach STDC
  • Changeover takes just a few seconds
  • Always use the correct geometry for the task - 800 Series High Temperature Tips available for desoldering through-hole components on thermally demanding PCBs

  • STTC Soldering Tip Cartridges TATC Talon Tip Cartridges
  • Only for use with the MX and STSS Soldering/Rework Hand-Pieces
  • View our entire selection of frequently used and standard STTC soldering tip cartridges
  • Tip Cartridges available in four temperature ranges: ≤ 575°, 675°, 775°, and 905° F

  • Designed for removal of all discrete and SO symmetrical components
  • A single TATC cartridge can remove a 28 pin SOIC, a tantalum or an 0603 chip capacitor without changing tips
  • TATC Tip Cartridges for Talon Hand-Pieces are always sold in pairs

  • PTTC Tweezer Cartridges
    The PTTC Tweezer Cartridges for For use  with MX-500 /-5000/-5200 Systems and MX-PTZ Hand-piece provides an efficient solution for removal and replacement of chip and SOIC packages.