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LEWIS Bins PB1808-9 LEWIS Bins PB1811-10 LEWIS Bins PB1816-11
Lewis Parts Bins, 18x18-1/4x9 (Case 6) Lewis Parts Bins, 18x11x10 (Case 4) Lewis Parts Bins, 18x16-1/2x11 (Case 3)
LEWIS Bins PB54-3 LEWIS Bins PB74-3 LEWIS Bins PB105-5
Outside Dimensions: 5-3/8x4-1/8x3 Inside Dimensions: 4-3/4x3-4/9x2-13/16 Outside Dimensions: 7-3/8x4-1/8x3 Inside Dimensions: 6-3/4x3-4/9x2-13/16 Outside Dimensions: 10-7/8x5-1/2x5 Inside Dimensions: 10-1/4x4-3/8x4-3/4
LEWIS Bins PB108-7 LEWIS Bins PB1011-5 LEWIS Bins PB148-7
Outside Dimensions: 10-3/4x8-1/4x7 Inside Dimensions: 10x6-4/7x6-3/4 Outside Dimensions: 10-7/8x11x5 Inside Dimensions: 10-1/4x10x4-3/4 Outside Dimensions: 14-3/4x8-1/4x7 Inside Dimensions: 14x6-9/16x6-3/4
LEWIS Bins PB1416-7 LEWIS Bins DPB5-3 LEWIS Bins DPB7-3
Outside Dimensions: 14-3/4x16-1/2x7 Inside Dimensions: 14x14-3/4x6-3/4 Lewis Parts bins Dividers Fits Model: PB54-3(Lewis SKU: 7001600) Lewis Parts bins Dividers Fits Model: PB74-3(Lewis SKU: 7001610)
LEWIS Bins DPB10-5 LEWIS Bins DPB10-7 LEWIS Bins DPB14-7
Lewis Parts bins Dividers Fits Models: PB105-5, PB1011-5(Lewis SKU: 7001620) Lewis Parts bins Dividers Fits Model: PB108-7(Lewis SKU: 7001630) Lewis Parts bins Dividers Fits Models: PB148-7, PB1416-7(Lewis SKU: 7001640)