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Tronex Pliers Erem Forming & Stripping Pliers Excelta Pliers
Erem offers a range of pliers with standard and ergonomic handles.
Chain nose, Round Nose, Needle Nose, Flat Nose, Bent nose pliers in a variety of different sizes. Available with or without serrations on the inside jaws for better gripping.
Excelta Lead Forming Pliers Lindstrom Handsaver ESD 70 Series Pliers Lindstrom Rx Series Pliers
Made from High-Carbon Tool Steel with Static Safe Grips. Made in the U.S.A.
RX Series Pliers features a rounded shape makes them easy to rotate to find the correct working angle.
Cushioned, high-friction surface make them comfortable and steady in your hand.
Lindstrom Supreme Pliers Xcelite Side Cutting Pliers Xcelite Chain Nose Pliers
Good pliers for general tasks, with strong traditional box joint and replaceable springs.
Pliers with serrated jaws that reach into confined working spaces.
Heavy-duty, short chain nose pliers with serrated jaws.
Xcelite Curved Nose Pliers Xcelite Flat Nose Pliers Xcelite Forceps
Curved nose pliers with thin tips.
Flat nose pliers with smooth jaws for holding and forming wire and small parts.
Xcelite Long Nose Pliers Xcelite Long Reach Electronics Pliers Xcelite Needle Nose Pliers
Thin, long nose pliers for general-purpose use, pick-up and wire forming.
Needle nose pliers for positive gripping of fine wires or subminiature components.
Xcelite Plier Sets Xcelite Round Nose Pliers Xcelite Utility Pliers
Round, smooth jaws tapered to a point for looping and forming of fine wire.
Xcelite Plier Replacement Springs