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Pro-Line Lab Furniture

Pro-Line Modular Lab Furniture

All Pro-Line Lab Furniture products can be fully integrated for use in biotechnology and laboratory environments. Pro-line's modular products allow you to respond as your needs change to support different work flow requirements. Enchanced flexibility with assured ergonomic integration of the worker and the task to be done.

Pro-Line's laboratory cabinets feature sound deadening doors and drawers, stainless steel pulls and hinges, removable back panels to access utilities and integrated toe-base with leveling glides. Drawers feature ball bearing slides for smooth and full extension. Cupboards include adjustable shelves and removable pans.

Pro-Line extends modular casework to the next level: self sustaning islands, wall and floor modules, and comprehensive workbench offerings. Pro-Line can solve all your laboratory needs now and as they evolve in the future. Flexibility that translates into efficient use of resources, enhanced ergonomics, and unmatched performance.

See examples of what Pro-Line can do, just scroll to the bottom of this page!

Cabinets Legs & Braces Worksurfaces
Choose Cabinets to start creating bases and islands. Wall mount and free standing cabinets are also listed in this category.
Legs are for creating a base without using cabinets. Braces create opening between cabinets for creating desks, or openings for storage, equipment, ect.
Choose from standard laminate, ESD laminate, epoxys, phenolics, chemical resistant laminate, maple, or stainless steel.
Uprights Cantilever Shelves Modesty Panels
Uprights are used to attach shelves and cabinets to worktables, islands, or wall mounted layouts.
Cantilever shelves attach to uprights and can be mounted in freestanding configurations or attached to walls.
Modesty Panels close openings between cabinets or legs to create privacy and enclose workstations.
Filler Panels Locks/Keys Lab Tables
Filler Panels enclose gaps between units and walls, or for when two units are placed back to back, creating a smooth uniform, professional look.
Locks can be installed into cabinets creating security for products/equipment, or allow employees to secure personal belongings.
Lab tables can be used as a stand-alone table, or as part of a larger lab configuration.
Building your own Pro-Line Lab Solution is easy!
Read more about how these examples were built to give you tips and ideas on creating your own space.

In example A the workstation island was created by choosing two lab tables. The surface chosen in this example is a black phenolic or epoxy resin. Next, Island Uprights were attached making room for a hanging cabinet and two cantilever shelves. Cabinets and drawers were then attached to the underside of the tables. Example B was created using wall mount uprights and attaching wall mount cabinets next to a free-standing cabinet. Below the hanging cabinets is counter height and desk height cabinets topped with black phenolic or epoxy resin worksurfaces.
Pro-Line Lab Island
Pro-Line Lab Furniture