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Torque Calibration Systems

Ensuring that the tools used to apply torque and those used for auditing have been properly calibrated and remain in calibration is the foundation of every torque program. "Best practice" for today's programs includes a two-step system of certifying and regularly checking each tool.

The first step in a "Best practice" system is certifying tools, which would typically require test equipment of the highest accuracy and the use of mechnaical loaders. Often the capability of testing a wide range of tools in necessary. The use of multiple sensors with a single test device, such as the PTM or System 5 with a mechnical loader, is the generally the most cost effective alternative for certifying tools.

The second step is the regular checking of tools, usually performed by the user of the tool. The tester used for this purpose would require simplicity of operation, ease of use and be readily accessible. Not suprisingly the cost and durability are significant factors when purchasing testers for this application. Torq-Tronics and VeriTorq have been designed to meet the needs of this user and the purchasing department.

Static Transducers Torq-Tronics® Digital Tester Series
Most Sytem 4/5 tansducers now come in four designs; two flanged designs for those with existing systems that are expanding their line or using an Sturtevant Richmont Mechanical Loader 250, a Quick Connect design for use with S/R's 1000 and 2000 pound capacity Mechanical Loaders, and a new "L" design that incorporates its' own mounting bracket for rapid horizontal or verticle mounting.
Torq-Tronics rugged design is equally at home in the lab, tool crib, or on the shop floor! Its' simplicity and efficiency enable deployment as a "line checker" at the start of each shift, or it can be used as the primary torque tool tester in the lab.
VeriTorq® Digital Tester Series
VeriTorq brings accurate torque wrench testing to the "That can save money!" level - for companies large and small!