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Cleanroom Light Fixtures
are sealed fixtures made especially for cleanrooms. Lights allow re-lamping and ballast removal from roomside without contaminating clean areas.
Teardrop Lights
have narrow airfoil design to minimize turbulence in cleanrooms requiring a undirectional air flow, and can be easily mounted on a 2" T-Bar.
Flow-Through Light Troffers
accept a fan filter unit on the top and allow HEPA or ULPA filtered air to flow through the fixture and into the cleanroom.
Cleanguard Cleanroom Ceiling Panels
feature factory-sealed edges and a white vinyl face.
CleanPro Ceiling T-Grid System Ceiling Panels
The CleanPro Grid System is designed for carrying the load of standard filter modules for Class 10 to Class 10,000 cleanroom areas.
Flow-Thru Troffers Light Fixtures
Cleanroom Light Fixtures are ideal for general purpose cleanrooms, pharmaceutical cleanrooms and biomedical labs, food processing centers, hospitals and wet locations. Click here for more information on CleanPro® Light Fixtures.