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Laminate Grounding & Gripper Tape Micastat Dissipative Laminate
  • Flush-to-the-Surface Ground for Static Dissipative Laminate such as Micastat
  • Carpet Gripper tape; flexible hook tape on one side
  • Double Sided Adhesive tape

  • High pressure laminate; resistant to hot solder and most solvents

  • Statfree B Dissipative Homogenous Vinyl Statfree J Dissipative Shock Resistant Foam Rubber
  • Economical Homogenous Vinyl; meets the recommended worksurface requirement for ANSI/ESD S20.20 and recommendation of ESD S4.1

  • Resilient non-skid natural foam rubber

  • Statfree O Dissipative 3 Layer Vinyl Statfree T2 Lead-Free Area Dissipative Dual Layer Rubber
  • Thick, energy absorbing; protects parts susceptible to physical shock

  • Durable rubber material, dissipative on one side and conductive on the other

  • Statfree T2 Premium Dissipative Dual Layer Rubber Statfree UC Dissipative Dual Layer Ultra Clean Rubber
  • Versatile and long-lasting dissipative worksurface table mat

  • Developed for cleanrooms; minimal outgassing

  • Statfree Z2 Dissipative 3 Layer Vinyl
  • Heat fused vinyl composite with top and bottom dissipative vinyl layers and conductive grid mesh inner layer