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Softwall Cleanroom Curtains

Softwall Cleanroom Curtains

CleanPro®, the #1 specified curtain in the industry, offers versatility and reliability that cannot be found with any other product. CleanPro® curtains can be used with framing to create a cleanroom, or also used independently within an existing cleanroom to create areas that are still cleaner. Combined with our superior mounting systems, these curtains offer increased durability and functionality as well as easier access and the best protection.

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Our softwall curtains are constructed from four-foot wide sheets of vinyl in thicknesses from 40 to 80 mil. These sheets are RF welded to form either solid walls or movable curtains. They are especially suitable for enclosing portable frame systems or improving laminar flow areas above work spaces. Softwalls are also used to further divide existing clean rooms, effectively creating cleaner inner zones.


Amber & Red Tinted Vinyl for Light Filtering
Amber & red tint for light filtering
Opaque black or white vinyle or Polysim 509
Opaque black or white vinyl or Polysim 509
Three-ply laser
Three-ply laser
Fabric reinforced class 1 fire rated vinyl
Fabric reinforced class 1 fire rated (one or three-ply laser)
Flat wall mount for curtain
Flat Wall Mount
Sealed corners of softwall cleanroom
Sealed Corners
Numberous door options for softwall cleanrooms
Door Options
RF-Welded seams for cleanroom curtains
RF-Welded Seams

Largest selection of quality materials
CleanPro® vinyls come in a wide array of color, thicknesses and properties. All softwall materials are fully tested. Test results are available for fire retardancy, ESD, outgassing, sound abatement, chemical resistance and light transmission. Refer to our data sheets for complete test results on the material required.

  • Standard Cleanroom Grade Vinyl
    Made from pure ingredients, no recycled materials and formulated to be fire-retardant and low outgassing.
    (Refer to our data sheets for complete test results on the material required.)
    Thickness: .040, .060, .080, .120, and .160 mil
    Colors: Clear, frosted, white, amber tint, smoke tint, blue, grey, black and tan.
  • Reinforced Vinyl Coated Fabric
    Tough, vinyl coated polyester material ideal for high traffic areas and is perfectly suited for applications that require a Class 1 fire rating per ASTM E-84 flame spread and smoke test.
    Thickness:18 oz. (25 mil.)
    Colors: White, black, blue, grey, red, yellow and translucent frosted.
  • Polysim 509 Non-Outgassing, Static Dissipative Polyurethane
    Made from static-dissipative urethane providing perminant, non-humidity dependent ESD protection for sensitive manufacturing conditions. No plasticizer is used, making the volatile condesavle contaminants extremely low. Because Polysim is an alloy using high molecular weight materials, the static dissipation properties are permanent. It does not wear off like many other materials that use only a surface coating. It is Class 1 fire rated for flame spread and smoke test.
    Thickness: .030 and .040 mil.
    Colors: Clear, white and black.
  • Static Dissipative Vinyl
    Our ESD vinyl is built with permanent built-in inhibitors. Unlike topical coating, these inhibitors will not wear off and will last for the life of the curtain. Test result show surface resistivity of 1.8 x 1010 ohm/cm (ambient 50% R.H.) per ASTM D257.
    Colors: Clear, frosted, white, black and amber tint.
  • Laser and Light Blocking Curtains
    These specially designed for enclosing or dividing areas for special processes, such as laser functions and procedures, photo lithography and other light-sensitive work areas. Our opaque black vinyl blocks out 100% of the light transfer. The matte finish reduces light refraction. Available with foil inserts for use with more powerful lasers. Amber tinted curtains filter out various degrees of blue, yellow and harmful ultra-violet light. Light wavelength tests are available for CleanPro® red and amber
    tint curtains.
    Thicknesses: .040 to .080 mil.
    Softwall width: Any size
    Strip widths: 8" to 48"

Important Liability Disclaimer: Due to the many different types of lasers, CleanPro® does not make any performance claims for the laser protection contained in any of our curtains used for laser applications. It is solely the end user's responsibility to test samples of the curtains and their protective linings for performance and safety and to determine their usability in a given application. Free samples will be provided for testing upon request.

Mounting systems
A variety of patented mounting systems, engineered for easy installation and maximum performance.

Sealed corners
Wraparound seals eliminate air loss or particle penetration at the corners. Our thicker vinyls require no hems or sash weights, and provide systems that are cleaner looking, easily adaptable and longer lasting.

CleanPro® offers a variety of entry options, including hinged, sliding doors and strip doors. By altering clear and frosted vinyl, we eliminate sticking and air gaps, making entrances easier to walk through.

RF-Welded seams
CleanPro® uses RF welding on all seams and attachments. These seals provide a permanent bond that is cleaner and stronger than sewing. Sewing vinyl seams perforates and weakens the material, and frequent cleaning only accelerates the process. The result is permature product failure and a source on contamination.

Closure and Fastening Systems

Dual Lock Fastener
This non-particulating, clear 3M- flexible fastening system has a plasticizer resistant adhesive and is ideal for attaching curtains vertically or horizontally to frames, hoods, benches or on overlaps.

Hook and Loop Fastener
Ideal for securing curtain overlaps. Attaches to vinyl with a plasticizer-resistant adhesive and is then sewn.

Flexible Magnet Self Closures
This quality, flexible, chemical-resistant magnet is ideal for overlapping areas where frequent
access is required.

Overlap Retention Snaps
An inexpensive way of closing overlap areas of the curtains.

Lap Lock
The most recent CleanPro® innovation in closing systems in which opposing flaps of vinyl are
RF-welded and interlock to secure panels in place.

Dual lock fastener
Dual Lock
Hook and loop fastener
Hook and
Loop Fastener
Flexible magnet self closure
Flexible Magnet
Self Closure
Overlap retention snaps
Retention Snaps