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Aven 26700-207 Mighty Scope NIR 5M USB Digital Microscope with Stand, 10-200x

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The NIR Mighty Scope enables the user to examine and differentiate NIR reflective and non-reflective objects and surfaces under magnification for unique contrast analysis without the damaging heat and disruptive glare of traditional lighting. The NIR Mighty Scope can be an indispensable analytical tool in law enforcement forensics to identify modified documents, biomedical tissue analysis and pharmaceutical / chemical component differentiation as well as the inspection and documentation of the fine arts and antiquities. Inspect, analyze & measure with ease on your PC with this Near Infra Red Mighty Scope. Compact and handy. Capture images and videos. Can be used mounted on the included stand or handheld. Magnification is easily controlled by moving the Mighty Scope in relation to the object being viewed. Move closer to the object for higher magnification and away from the object for lower magnification.

The Mighty Scope has a large focus control knob for easy focusing, built in LED brightness control wheel for instant control of lighting, and a built in Image Capture switch. Included software is feature packed. Allows you to capture, manipulate, annotate and measure. Instantly communicate your findings with your coworkers.


  • Easy to use, 6-LED hand-held digital microscope with a USB interface
  • Updated 5 megapixel sensor provides larger images for better viewing
  • 10x to 50x, 200x Magnification
  • 6 UV LED lights operating at 850nm
  • High resolution magnification at your fingertips

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I103852
MFG Part Number 26700-207
Brand Aven
Magnification 10x - 200x
Includes Stand