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Erem Hand Tools Excelta Hand Tools
Erem tweeezers, cutters and pliers are unique in the degree of quality, precision, reliability, ergonomy and long life they offer when compared to other professional tools. Precise finished together with easy handling and perfect balance makes them outstanding tools.
Excelta Corporation is a nationally known supplier of precision hand tools including tweezers and forceps for all types of electronics assembly and manufacturing. They supply the most advanced styles of tweezers, cutters and pliers, as well as custom designed tools for unique applications, and a broad range of brushes, probes, scissors, optics and vacuum pick-up tools used in the industry.
Lindstrom Hand Tools Xcelite Hand Tools
Lindstrom has developed and produced high-precision tools since 1856 - making them the oldest continuous producer of handtools in existence today. From their large assortment of benchmark cutters and pliers to their Swiss-made precision tweezers, state-of-the-art screwdrivers and torque screwdrivers, they will fulfill the advanced needs of the professional user.
Quality hand tools at a low cost, Xcelite offers everything from a flat bladed screw driver to specialized Data Com products.
Tronex Hand Tools
The strength of Tronex product begins with a unique joint design incorporated into almost every one of the Tronex hand tool products. Next Tronex has developed exceptionally effective manufacturing processes which assure high quality, low cost, and fast, reliable delivery. Tronex then designed and introduced a series of innovative new models many of which were developed in response to specific customer needs and suggestions.