Metcal SSC-746A Long Reach Chisel Solder Cartridge, 3.0mm

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Each Metcal tip cartridge is designed for high power delivery, so you can often solder 100F or more lower than with a conventional iron. For most applications, a 600 Series tip cartridge will provide enough power and flexibility to do the job. Switch to a 700 Series only where absolutely necessary; for example, when working with heavy ground planes. When working with no-cleans or thermally sensitive applications, Metcal's 500 Series tip cartridges are an excellent choice.For maximum performance, pick a tip geometry which will maximize contact with the connection. A flat, blunt tip will transfer more heat than a fine, pointed one. Choosing the largest tip possible will improve performance (enabling you to conduct more heat at lower temperatures), and enhance tip life. .12' ( 3 mm) Long Reach Chisel Solder Tip

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I165560
MFG Part Number SSC-746A
Brand Metcal
Length Long Reach
Shape Chisel/Flat
Compatibility Metcal MFR-H6-SSC