Metcal TATC-602 Blade Tweezer Cartridge, 6.35mm

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  • Designed for the removal of all discrete and SO symmetrical components.
  • TATC-602 Tip Cartridges for Talon Hand-Pieces are always sold in pairs.
  • By simply rotating the Talon, a single TATC Tip Cartridge can remove a 28 pin SOIC, a tantalum or an 0603 chip capacitor without changing tips.

    0.25" Blades Tip Cartridge

    OKi Metcal's new Viper Tip pictured
  • Additional Information

    PAC Part Number I165864
    MFG Part Number TATC-602
    Brand Metcal
    Shape Blade
    Type Thermal Tweezer
    Compatibility Metcal MX-TALON