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PACE TT-65 IntelliHeat ThermoTweez® 57W SMT Removal Tool

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The TT-65 ThermoTweez provides safe, one-handed reflow and removal of PLCCs and other four sided components. Unlike other methods, its high thermal capacity and targeted heat removes large SMDs in just seconds without damage to the board of the risk of adjacent components reflow even on heavy assemblies. The unique vertically orientated handpiece and a wide variety of quick-change, slim-line tips easily reach into the tightest spaces for fast, safe component removal. Tips supplied separately.

Click here for compatible desolder tips.

PACE TT-65 IntelliHeat ThermoTweez® 57W SMT Removal Tool

Tips not included.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I123540
MFG Part Number 6010-0151-P1
Brand PACE
Type Pickup Tool
Output 57W
Compatibility PACE MBT 301, PACE MBT 350, PACE ST 100, PACE ST 115, PACE ST 30, PACE ST 50, PACE ST 65, PACE ST 70, PACE ST 75, PACE WJS 100
Color Blue Connector