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PACE ST 325 115V Convective Rework System

List Price: $1666.44

Your Price: $1,486.73


The ST 325 is a digital, self-contained system that is fully programmable and can be used to remove or install surface mount components when individual or multiple operations are to be run. From the front panel, the system can be used in either manual or 'timed' modes. Rework Nozzles sold separately.

Manual mode means that the system generates heated airflow when the cycle button is pressed; when it is pressed a second time the system shuts off. 'Timed' modes allow the operator to create up to 20 'profiles' that consist of time and temperatures parameters to ensure process control and repeatability. Both cycle start and vacuum functions are activated with conveniently located switches on the handpiece.

The handpiece is fitted with an adjustable, spring loaded vacuum pik to lift components from the PCB and to hold the component in the nozzle during alignment. The 'give' in the spring loading is set, but the absolute position of the vacuum pik is adjustable over a 1.5" length.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I123746
MFG Part Number 8007-0429
Brand PACE
Adjustment Programmable
Type Hot Air Rework
Output Single Tool
Input 115V