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PACE ST 115 115V Digital Desoldering System

List Price: $833.80

Your Price: $767.10

PACE ST 115 115V Digital Desoldering System

Includes SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor® Desolder Handpiece.


ideal for users having to deal with a wide range of applications. With this system, you can solder, desolder, remove components with a variety of tweezers and thermo-piks, as well as make use of the high performance, foot pedal activated air pencil. The system comes standard with PACE's patented SNAPVAC desoldering technology to ensure quick, clean removal of solder from any through-hole joint. The Hi-Flo pump is so powerful that you won't lose vacuum in continuous use applications when removing residual/excess solder from surface mount leads. The new high resolution pressure control valve delivers the widest range of adjustable airflow. The sloped face of the front panel makes it easy to use.
  • IntelliHeat Control Technology
  • Digital Display & Keypad
  • °C/°F Temperature Scales
  • Password Lockout
  • Temperature SetBack
  • AutoOff
  • User defined operating temperature range
  • Hi-Flo Pump
  • Patented Snap-Vac Technology
  • ESD grounding jack and metal housing
  • Stackable

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I123777
MFG Part Number 8007-0508
Brand PACE
ESD Properties ESD-Safe
Adjustment Digital
Type Desolder
Output Single Tool
Input 115V
Includes Tool(s) & Stand