Fan Filter Control System

Fan Filter Unit Control System Fan Filter Unit Control Systems are designed to control fan filter units from a remote console or panel. Linked individually or in groups, an operator can increase or reduce airflow to a selected area and utilize the set back feature during off-peak hours, resulting in lower operating costs. These state-of-the-art, reasonably priced fan filter control systems utilize standard 115 volt and 277 volt, motor blower units without using high cost DC motors.

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Precise Airflow Control
• Fan filter units are controlled individually or in groups, typically 1-4 units per address.
• Fan speeds are set and/or adjusted from a console located outside the cleanroom without breaching the integrity of the cleanroom. Adjustments are possible by Individual address, Cleanroom Zone or Globally.
• The number of addresses is almost unlimited.
• Room or equipment layouts with unique airflow requirements are easy to set and control.

Lower Installation Cost
• Installation is seamless and quick. Fewer breaker lines reduce material and electrical contractor costs.
• Reductions in on-site power distribution wiring lower contractor labor cost.
• Installation cost is lower as a result of simplified balancing and adjusting capabilities along with reducing the time required at start-up.
• Reduced certification costs.

Lower Maintenance Costs
• Recalibration and balancing of rooms is simplified.
• Small zone shut-down enables isolated upgrade or maintenance operations to take place without disrupting or affecting the integrity of the cleanroom.

Soft Start Capability
• Control Systems with adjustable soft start holds start-up to under 0.8 amperes per 277 Volt fan filter unit. This results in major cost savings during installation, reducing electrical breaker requirements by as much as 50%.

SAMlink Options
• HEPA or ULPA Filters with 70mm deep pleated design for increased operating efficiency.
• Choose either NCR or CRF Style fan filter units.
• Factory wired junction boxes with integral distribution wiring substantially reduce on-site electrical work.

A typical Fan Filter Unit Control System consists of an address or groups of addresses with four or more fan filter units per address. Each address is controlled by a panel or wall mounted console. Each address includes the following components:
• Group of four (4) SAM 24 Fan Filter Units consisting of (1) Master Unit and (3) Slave Units.
• Choice of 115 or 277 volt AC impeller type motor blower assembly.
• Control Console, panel or wall mounted.
• With L.E.D. readout and user friendly control features.
• Wiring for each group of four (4) SAM units.
• HEPA or ULPA Filters with 53 mm media pack.