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Custom Logo Mats

The Andersen Company offers logo mats in many types and styles. Each logo mat is made to a high quality
standard that you will be very proud to use. Pricing is calculated by each individual size and quantity. Different
size logo mats and standard mats cannot be combined for quantity discounts.
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Mat Types:

• Interior Wiper Mats - These are carpet mats with a softer feel, meant to trap small amounts of dirt and water while protecting your floors. They are perfect for areas like service counters.

• Outdoor Scraper Mats - These mats are made to be outside 24/7. They have rougher textures to aggressively scrape away any dirt stuck on shoes, before it ever has a chance to get inside your building.

• Wiper/Scraper Mats - These mats typically have a sturdy, bi-level surface of carpet fibers to scrape any remaining dirt while absorbing water.

Logo Mat Styles:
Andersen Impressions Logo Mat Impressions mats feature images printed right on the mat that are great when you need a high amount of image detail, shading and contrast.
Andersen Inlay Logo Mat Inlay mats are the best solution when you want crisp logos and fine text. Logos are woven into the weave of the mat for superior traffic durability.
Andersen Molded Logo Mat Molded mats are great for a subtle, yet lasting image. Single-color mats are permanently molded with a stamp of your logo to provide a long-lasting and durable image.

Artwork Requirements:
The Andersen Company is committed to providing the most attractive logo mats available, and therefore it is essential that all artwork submitted to Andersen is high quality. The image on your mat will only be as good as the artwork you provide, so please be certain that it follows the following specifications:

• Image must be in a vector format, which are typically a .EPS or .AI file type. If your company has had anything printed in the past, this type of file should be readily available.

• If vector files are not available, Andersen can accept .JPG, .PDF or .TIF formats with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Art Proofs:
Two (2) Art Proofs are available for approval of your designs at no charge, and can be viewed online through a link that PAC will provide you. If you require a mailed printed proof, they can be provided via express carriers at the customer's expense. Additional art proofs are available for a non-refundable charge of $25.00 each.

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