Health Issues and Ergonomic Seating

Any job or activity that requires a fixed position over a long period of time can cause musculoskeletal discomfort. Poor job and workplace design appears to contribute to many reported discomforts which are also found in other occupations. A key to preventing such discomforts is to assume a range of comfortable positions and to have adjustable furniture, such as the chair, display table and keyboard support. However, the degree of adjustability for any furniture and visual display depends on how long and for what purpose they will be used. Prolonged work in the same position, whether seated or standing, can cause discomfort. Where possible, movement should be incorporated into the task to prevent discomfort and fatigue.

A well-designed chair for the operator is one of the most important parts of a work station. It can favorably affect posture, circulation, the amount of effort required to maintain a postion, and the amount of pressure on the spine.