Technical Data Sheet & Laundry Instructions


Tech Wear's  NYLOSTAT
(Applicable garments: 361ACS, 361ACQ, 361ACB, 371ACS, 371ACS, 371ACQ, 371ACB)

Fabric weight:  5 oz per square yard.
Color selection:  NASA, Royal Blue or White
Fabric content:  80% polyester, 19% cotton and 1% carbon modified nylon in a WOVEN grid pattern.

Easy Care Performance - NYLOSTAT is precured soil-release resin finish to offer easy care characteristics to garments. Such properties as wrinkle resistance in use and no iron properties when washed and tumble dried minimize the maintenance effort for the wearer.

Surface Resistivity - Electrical resistivity influences the accumulation of electrostatic charge on a fabric. Specimens conditioned at 50% relative humidity and 70oF are tested for resistance to passage of electrical current. The surface resistivity should be less than 1011 ohms.

Voltage Decay Test - Using a standard test procedure to apply both positive and negative 5000 volt charges to fabric samples, the time required for a specimen to drop to 10% of charge potential and for complete dissipation of the charge are measured. The shorter the time to zero voltage the better a material's ability to dissipate a charge induced on the surface is when grounded.

Test Results:
Description Surface Voltage Decay Resistivity Time (sec.)ohms/unit sq.) to <10% Orig.
Unlaundered: 2.6 x 106 < 0.01 seconds
25 launderings: 4.7 x 108 < 0.01 seconds
50 launderings: 4.8 x 109 < 0.01 seconds

Laundry Instructions:
Wash in cool or cold water, hang dry or dry at 120ºF or less.  Do not bleach. The carbon-suffused monofilament nylon is sensitive to heat and should not be exposed to laundering heat in excess of 120oF. Wash at 90oF (Maximum) and tumble dry at low heat or hang dry.

Available Colors:

Due to differences in browsers and monitor settings, these colors will vary.  Please contact us for a 'non-virtual' fabric sample.

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