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SCS 711

Charge Analyzer/Plate Monitor, includes NIST Certification

The SCS 711 Charge Analyzer is an electronic test instrument designed for ease of use. The lightweight and compact construction offers great versatility in the workplace. It can be used as a laboratory analytical tool, evaluating the performance of ionizing equipment, static-protective packaging, work surfaces and personnel grounding systems. It is also very effective for use as a demonstration tool in employee static awareness training programs.

All parameter settings are controlled via a built-in EEPROM. These parameters are defaulted to when the 711 Charge Analyzer is switched on again. In case of a malfunction, the unit will display a corresponding message and then automatically switch off.

The 711 Charge Analyzer operation works according to the field mill-principle. The field meter is a parametric amplifier. An electrostatic field induces a charge on the sensor electrode, generating an AC current that is proportional to the field strength. An amplifier measures this current without reducing the energy of the electrostatic field in average time.

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Important Notice: Avoid extreme discharge of the rechargeable batteries. If the batteries require charging, do not allow the unit to sit idle for a period of time without first fully charging the batteries.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I128958
MFG Part Number 711
Brand SCS
Shipping Weight 11.5000
Includes NIST Certificate