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SCS 718

Static Sensor

The SCS Static Sensor 718 is a portable handheld instrument used for locating and measuring electrostatic charges. It can be used to locate ESD trouble-areas, and is a valuable tool for the ESD-control engineer. Used in conjunction with the SCS Air Ionizer Test Kit 718A (sold separately), it can be used for verification and auditing of air ionizers.

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The Static Sensor 718 is battery-powered and has several measurement features:

  • Range: measurements can be taken in a 0-1.99 kV or 19.90 kV range.
  • Automatic Zero: push button feature allows easy adjustment to zero. No screws or dials to turn.
  • HOLD function: allows the User to "freeze" a displayed measurement, for later evaluation.
  • Automatic shutoff: conserves battery power by shutting off the instrument after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I128959
MFG Part Number 718
Brand SCS
Shipping Weight 0.8000