The 5S Visual Workplace Handbook

5S Visual Workplace Handbook PDF

What is 5S and how can it benefit your workplace?

5S is a method for organizing a shared workspace (like a manufacturing or factory floor), and keeping it safe and organized. The key tenets of 5S are workplace safety, efficiency and morale:

  • Safety: Standardized, high-visibility signage facilitates immediate understanding.
  • Efficiency: By assigning everything a location, time is not wasted by looking for things.
  • Morale: The decision making process usually comes from a dialog about standardization which builds an understanding between employees of how work should be done.

This handbook includes:

  • How to evaluate target outcomes for lean organization
  • How to establish a visual workplace which is readily understood and self-regulating
  • Step by step check list guide for 5-step process
  • Visual workplace audit form
  • Picture guide to displays, visual safety, and visual standards

Download the Free 5S Visual Workplace Handbook. (Printable PDF, 20 pages)

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