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BenchPro™ has been producing the nation's strongest, longest lasting ergonomic workbenches since 1987. BenchPro™ offers the following warranty:

BenchPro™ benches are warranted for 25 years of normal use. This includes every component and every function.
• Frames are warranted to stay as strong as new for 25 years.
• Tops must remain attractive and in proper working condition for 25 years. The exceptions are damage caused by customer impacts, burns, scrapes, gouges, stains, water damage and general wear and tear.
• Our high temperature catalytic powder paint will not delaminate, fade, chip or in any way become unattractive for 25 years.
• Static Control (ESD) properties of all of our ESD products will remain within the nationally accepted standards of ANSI/BIFMA, GSA, and ESDA S20.20 for 25 years.
• Chemical Resistant laminate tops shall remain undamaged by any chemical which Formica states the laminates are protected from for 25 years. View www.formica.com
• Our solid phenolic resin top workbenches shall meet their original standards for 25 years.
• All options, accessories and specialty products shall, with the exception of normal wear and tear, continue to function properly for 25 years.
Exception: Hydraulic bench lift system components are warranted 100% for ten years.

For Service: Call Production Automation™ at (888) 903-0333 or email [email protected]. Customers only have the obligation to report the problem and BenchPro™ will take care of the rest. BenchPro™ will refund the entire purchase price including freight and tax (if any) or replace the product or component that is defective, and pay for the freight.

Product Returns:
1. No return of defective product is ever required. We may ask for an electronic photo in cases where we have not seen the problem before.
2. If the product is purchased but not needed, and in new condition with original packing materials in place: As we make all orders from base materials, we charge a "restocking charge" on unneeded products. We also charge a restocking charge for products ordered but cancelled after the product is built. This is to cover our repackaging and handling. Customers pay the cost of return freight.

Restocking charge schedule:
A. Kennedy, Roosevelt Series in standard sizes and colors will be charged 10%.
B. Dewey, Harding, Jefferson, Grant and Adams Series in standard sizes and colors will be charged 25% restocking charge.
C. Any bench in a custom size or color will be charged a 25% - 50% restocking charge, as we will have a difficult time reselling them.
D. All Nevamar™, Chemical Resistant and Galvanneal tops will be charged an additional 10% restocking charge, above those listed above.
E. Custom and non-catalogue items are non-returnable.
F. No product shall be returned after 90 days.

From the lawyers: In no case shall BenchPro™, its distributors, employees, related divisions, and other entities be responsible for any direct, consequential or indirect damage caused by the use, inability to use, or incorrect use of our products. Our liability shall be limited to replacement of product or a full refund, as outlined above.

Due Diligence: Please, if a chair or workbench is found to be defective in a way that could lead to an accident, take them out of service and tag them as dangerous until replacements or replacement parts are received and assembled.

Destruction: Dangerous products should not be put into service again or into open waste disposal system until they have been made unusable, so that no third party can reclaim them and be injured.