Cannabis Cultivation Grow Rooms

Cannabis Flowering Cleanroom

Critical environments typically used for pharmaceuticals and computer chip production show parallel application for medical cannabis cultivation, processing, and packaging. Modular cultivation cleanrooms permit dynamic air flow, temperature, lighting, and cleanliness on a room-by-room basis. Ultra-clean process materials such as high-purity solvents, disposable shoe covers, garments, and cleanroom furniture reinforce environments free of microbes, mildew, mites, and other contaminants.

  • Mother Rooms
  • Clone Rooms
  • Vegetative Growth Rooms
  • Flowering Rooms
  • Drying & Trim Rooms
  • Curing Rooms
  • Extraction Rooms
  • MIP Production
  • Packaging Rooms
Cannabis Cleanroom Cannabis Cleanroom Design and Construction

Cleanroom control systems and electrical designs are critical, but so are considerations for structural, architectural, and application compliance. Cannabis cleanrooms with modular components ease adaptation of adjacent structures, cascaded classification of interior rooms, expandable compliance, and relocation. Typical cannabis facilities segment grow rooms for various stages of processing, strains, and plant cycles. Mother, clone, and flower rooms flourish when temperature and humidity is maintained independently with task specific engineering controls. Learn more.

Commercial Cannabis Grow Room Design

Modular cannabis cultivation cleanrooms have many advantages over traditional cultivation rooms. Particularly, enhanced adoption of accessories and components for various stages of processing, packaging and growth cycles. Mother, clone, and flower rooms flourish when room-to-room temperature and humidity is maintained independently.

CleanPro® simplifies cannabis grow room construction, installation, and delivery logistics for enterprise organizations throughout the Americas. Our cleanroom engineering expertise is endorsed by critical pharmaceutical and microfab facilities around the world.

Cannabis cultivators now have access to the same technology and contamination safeguards known to the world's most productive organizations. Authorized access air locks allow secured entrances and reliable garment cleansing upon entrance. Pharmaceutical grade HVAC systems and positive pressure rooms prevent cross-contamination for high yields with minimal deviation. Importantly, a CleanPro® system is designed for not only performance, but also to meet and exceed all local, state, and federal compliance.

Medical Cannabis Cleanroom Why Medicinal Cannabis Needs a Cleanroom Engineered Solution

Large scale cultivation of medical cannabis presents a number of challenges for potency and consistency. Differing cannabis strains, vegetative cycles, and cannabis production areas all require unique controls. The rigors of medicinal product approval and testing is driving facilities out of dirty warehouses and into pharmaceutical grade environments. Pesticide reduction and minimizing contaminants like mold, mites, and microbes is essential for the progression of cannabis derived medicine. Learn more.

Products for Cannabis Production

Eliminating harmful pesticides, mold and fungus are a crucial hurdle for medical marijuana growers. Adoption of cleanroom technology proves historically advantageous in medical-grade environments where managing cleanliness and room conditions for growing environments. Large-scale medical marijuana cultivation presents challenges for potency and consistency. Differing strains, vegetative cycles, and production areas all require unique controls.

Heavy pesticides and the presence of mold, mites, and mildews are primary barriers-to-scale for cannabis-derived medicine. The rigors of medicinal product approval and testing justify driving facilities out of dirty warehouses and into medical-grade environments. Many growers have adopted forward thinking protocols in order to future-proof their grows for upcoming and ongoing regulations. That means all aspects of the cannabis cycle from seed to sale, including packaging, handling and processing must allow safety, traceability and exceed testing guidelines for purity and potency.

FCC grade ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is a rising standard during concentrate extraction and food-related cannabis products. FCC approved products designate the highest purity for consumable products with the least amount of contaminants such as de-naturants, heavy metals, methanol, and benzene. For extraction, this produces cleaner, better tasting concentrates and more repeatable yields.
Drying Racks & Secure Storage
Open wire shelving designs have some advantages for cannabis processing and harvesting. Hanging, drying, and storing benefit from easy access with a steady flow of air that maintains temperature and humidity. Likewise, mobility, security, and organization occur easily through the handling and trimming process.
Cold Sterilants
Disinfecting large areas with precise degree of microbial count reduction (log reduction) is challenging. Each type of disinfectant/sporicidal agent has its advantages and falls backs. Chemicals aggressive enough to kill fungal and bacterial spores often produce hazards, such as exposure to carcinogens gases, respiratory irritation/damage, and chemical burns. If technicians must apply cleaners and solvents by hand, they face unnecessary exposure. Learn how the combination of Cleanroom Foggers and Peracetic Acid kill fungus and mites with complete coverage of floors, crevices, cracks, and hard to reach spaces.
Sealed & Portable Medicinal Cannabis Grow Rooms
Modular cannabis grow room designs improve the longevity and efficiency of grow room construction. Likewise, portable prefab grow rooms allow for more adaptable configurations when expanding, relocating, or re-purposing a grow room. There are also a number of tax and legal advantages when construction is non-permanent. Prefab modular grow rooms are cost-effective without the inconvenience of "stick-built" construction.
Grow Room Design and Construction
Production Automation provides temperature and humidity controlled grow rooms for outstanding environmental control. We guarantee compliance that meets state and federal regulatory compliance. Read about the specific construction components of ultra-clean cannabis grow rooms. Previously, we've written about the correlations of contaminated cannabis, and how it affects the overall quality and safety of cannabis users with compromised immune systems. Here's what you need to know.
Air Showers
Cannabis facilities deploy air showers to reduce contamination when entering a facility or grow room. High pressure air jets within an enclosed "shower" allow for a layer of cleaning when employees enter a cannabis room or move between them. Once an employee steps into an air shower, high pressure HEPA filtered air generates a flapping of garments that expels particulates. Air pressure gradients then normalize between rooms which prevents a jetstream of contaminants from one room to the next. The process reduced contamination burden with an easy to clean design that prevents particle retention and chemical safe materials.
Clean Workstations
Dead plant matter, soil, microbes, excess water, fungal spores: cannabis production is often dirty. Stainless steel tables and ergonomic workstations provide cleaner and more comfortable workstations throughout cannabis harvesting, trimming, packaging and other processing. Industrial stainless steel tables provide a surface that impervious to solvents for easy cleaning. Indoor cannabis operations increase efficiency with task level optimization. Workstations and ergonomic furniture is a key piece of comfort over long shifts. When tools and products remain close by, employees move more efficiently while also reducing strain and fatigue.
Shoe covers, gowns, bouffant caps, and face masks prevent the introduction of human-borne contaminants and pathogens into grow areas. Automated options, such as automatic shoe cover dispensers improve the speed and efficiency of garbing.

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