Turnkey Cleanroom Solutions

Turnkey Cleanroom Designs

Single-Pass Air Flow Cleanroom Design

Single-Pass Design

A 'once through' or single-pass cleanroom features an economical design which draws air from the adjacent conditioned space through fan-powered HEPA filter units.

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Recirculating Air Flow Cleanroom Design

Recirculating Design

Recirculating cleanroom systems feature a closed-loop HEPA filtration system that redraws preconditioned air into sealed plenum for filtering and recirculation.

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Negative Pressure Cleanroom Design

Negative Pressure Design

Negative pressure cleanrooms prevent contaminated air from recirculating or escaping when mixing hazardous drugs, both sterile and non-sterile.

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Powder Containment Cleanroom Design

Powder Containment Design

Negative, positive, and neutral pressure configurations with plastic strip doors and HEPA filtration for packaging or USP 797 compounding.

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Turnkey Solutions for Common Applications

Medical Device Manufacturing Cleanroom

Medical Device Manufacturing

The cleanroom requirement for medical devices is based on path to product and process validation, with respect to sterilization and biocompatibility requirements.

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GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Cleanroom

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

cGMP sets forth the requirements applicable to the design of facilities used in the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of a drug product.

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USP 797 Compounding Cleanroom

USP 797 Compounding

Ideal for positive pressure compounding of non-hazardous materials including TPN, injections, eye-drops, infusion, syringes, salves, oils, and more.

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USP 800 Hazardous Drugs Cleanroom

USP 800 Hazardous Drugs

USP 800 grade environments mitigate the risk for harm to both the environment and workers when compounding hazardous chemicals.

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Microelectronics Manufacturing Cleanroom

Microelectronics Manufacturing

Manufacturers of semiconductors, displays, HDDs, wafer chips and more have long recognized the relationship between cleanroom air quality and final yields.

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Cannabis Cultivation Cleanroom

Agriculture & Grow Rooms

Modular cannabis cultivation cleanrooms have many advantages over traditional cultivation rooms. Mother, clone, and flower rooms flourish when room-to-room temperature and humidity is maintained independently.

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