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Adjust-A-Shelf™ Desiccator Cabinets

Terra Universal Adjust-A-Shelf™ Desiccator Cabinet Features
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Adjust-A-Shelf™ Desiccator Cabinet Features

  1. Optional Dual Purge™ System
  2. Optional NitroWatch® RH Controller
  3. Stainless Steel Framed Doors
  4. Grounding Terminals for Static Dissipative Models
  5. Optional Door Sensor Switches
  6. Plenum Chamber
  7. Automatic RB® Valve (one per chamber)
  8. One-Piece Gasket
  9. Electropolished Stainless Steel Wire Racks
  10. Stainless Steel Perforated Shelf (not shown)
  11. Grounded Door Latch for Static Dissipative Models
  12. Optional Stands
  13. Tamper-Proof Hinges
  14. Flow meter (not shown)
  15. Nitrogen Generator (not shown)
Shown left: No. 3950-36, with optional Dual Purge™ and NitroWatch® controllers, stand and solid stainless steel shelves

Versatile Adjust-A-Shelf™ desiccator cabinets protect your moisture-sensitive materials and eliminate harmful electrostatic discharge and particulate contamination. One-piece door gaskets inhibit outgassing while the LiftLatches™ prevent metal-on-metal scraping common with rotary latches.

Benefits of Adjust-A-Shelf™ Desiccators

  • Durable, efficient nitrogen-purged storage cabinets from the industry-leading desiccator dry cabinet manufacturer
  • Automatically maintains clean, dry, static-safe conditions to reduce part defects and extend product yields
  • Optional Smart humidity controllers provide unsurpassed efficiency to reduce nitrogen costs and maintain a constant, traceable clean, dry environment
    • SmartDesiccator™ nitrogen cabinets incorporate humidity sensor/display module into benchtop cabinets
    • NitroPlex™ dry nitrogen cabinets provide multiplexed nitrogen control for optimal efficiency in larger desiccators
  • Unique design and fabrication techniques produce durable, tight-sealing nitrogen cabinets
  • Plenum chamber minimizes backfill, ensures uniform gas distribution
  • Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valves stabilizes internal pressure, protects dry cabinet doors and seals
  • Adjustable flow meter allows regulation of incoming nitrogen flow rate
  • Full line of standardized sizes and components simplifies parts replacement
  • Doors with type 304 stainless steel frames extend cabinet's service life and improve sealing performance
  • Electropolished stainless steel wire racks allow shelf placement at one inch increments
  • Perforated (one included per chamber) or solid shelves help organize items and efficiently use chamber space
  • Locking LiftLatches™ open and close without straining doors, provide lock-out security
  • Static control options protect sensitive materials against ESD
  • Grounded rack and door latch and built-in grounding terminals provide additional ESD safety
  • Conforms to DOD Handbook 263, MIL-SPEC 1686 and 1772 with selection of proper accessories

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Terra Universal NitroPlex™ Desiccator Cabinet Mini LED Display
Miniature LEDs display current
humidity & RH set point

Benefits NitroPlex™ Multiplex Humidity Desiccators

  • Increases desiccator efficiency up to 400% to minimize nitrogen waste and moisture exposure
  • Senses and displays relative humidity in each desiccator chamber independently for more efficient, cost-effective moisture control
  • Cuts nitrogen expenses by over 75%
  • Prevents moisture and contamination migration from one chamber to another
  • Lets you specify a different humidity set point for each chamber
  • Automatically delivers a high-flow nitrogen purge only to the chamber where it's needed, and only as long as it's needed to restore RH set point
  • Ergonomic design allows easy viewing, eliminates chamber lip for easier parts removal
  • Can be integrated into almost any Terra desiccator line

Increased Efficiency Lowers Recovery Time, Increases Yields
The NitroPlex™ system provides state-of-the-art automated humidity control to guarantee the integrity of stored components.

Each microprocessor-based multiplexed sensor/display module, one installed in each chamber, enhances desiccator performance and economizes on nitrogen expenses. It contains a miniaturized moisture sensor that reads the internal humidity level within ± 2% of full scale. The LED readout displays this value or the programmable set point for that chamber. The set point is adjustable from ambient to 0% RH (the unit does not increase moisture).

When the humidity climbs above the set point in any chamber, the NitroPlex™ automatically directs a high-flow purge of clean, dry nitrogen only to the chamber where it is needed, and only for as long as necessary to bring the humidity back below the set point value. An adjustable time delay maintains the high-flow purge for a short period of time - long enough to purge any moisture or contaminants that may have entered - and then shuts off, economizing on nitrogen use.

The Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valve, installed on each chamber, ensures that moisture and contaminants quickly exit the chamber into which they enter and do not migrate to others.

The Automatic RB® Valve thus helps maintain an ideal storage environment while protecting the cabinet against overpressures.

Status alarms are included in each NitroPlex™ module to warn the user if any door is left open or if the system has been in high purge mode too long, a condition that could indicate an interruption in the gas supply.

This ultra-efficient purging system ensures that your desiccator system maintains the conditions you specify, even during periods of frequent access or very high ambient humidity. Each time a part is accessed and a door closed the system recovers the desired humidity level in a fraction of the time required by conventional systems (see related sidebar). This reduced recovery time eliminates the risk of moisture-related damage to even the most sensitive parts.

What's Your Application?
The standard NitroPlex™ system provides unsurpassed moisture control in dozens of storage applications. Temperature, gas or biological sensors expand the range of critical operations. Which critical control application can you find in your facility?

  • Microelectronics components, SMDs, hybrid packages
  • Storage of PCBs for rework
  • Pharmaceutical R&D studies
  • Kitting of high-precision watch components
  • Pass-through transfer of night-vision electronics
  • Lithium battery development
  • Humidity testing of cosmetics
  • Accelerated life testing of ICs
  • Animal inhalation and toxicology research

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Versatile Shelf Options

Terra offers a variety of shelf solutions. Shelves can be positioned at 0.5" (13 mm) increments to accommodate different part sizes; they can also be removed and used as carrying trays. Grounding terminals are included standard on all static dissipative PVC desiccators, allowing you to ground racks and shelves. Grounding is optional on acrylic chambers.

Acrylic shelves feature stainless steel BowGuards™ that support up to 35 lbs (15.9 kg).

Electropolished type 304 stainless steel shelves, which support loads up to 45 lbs (20.4 kg), are available as solid or with perforations to facilitate gas flow. Their slight depth, 0.5" (13 mm), provides a retaining lip along all edges.

Electropolished type 304 stainless steel trays are 2.625" (67 mm) deep and so offer more roomy, secure storage space than shelves. They also provide optimal ESD protection. When grounded stainless steel shelves or trays are placed immediately above each other, they create a Faraday cage that completely blocks out electrostatic charges. Trays are also convenient for carrying parts after they are removed from the desiccator.

Electropolished type 304 stainless steel shields are designed to protect plastic chambers from scratching. They are highly recommended for installation on static dissipative PVC chambers, which can, after repeated scraping and rubbing, lose their dissipative characteristics.

Why is electropolishing critical?

  • Removes iron and other surface impurities that cause corrosion
  • Draws chromium and nickel to form a hard, protective finish
  • Removes irregularities (pits and burs) for an ultra-smooth surface that's easy to clean

Learn more about electropolishing standards and guidelines.

Terra Universal desiccator with stainless steel shelf and stainless steel tray
Top: Stainless steel shelf
Bottom: Stainless steel tray
Terra Universal desiccator with acylic shelves with and without stainless steel BowGuards
Acrylic Shelf with BowGuards™ (top) vs. without (bottom)
Terra Universal stainless steel desiccator tray
Terra Universal Electropolished Type 304 Stainless Steel Tray

Static Control Solutions

Even the slightest static discharge can spell disaster for today's delicate components. Because the dangers of ESD (electrostatic discharge) are amplified in a low humidity environment, Terra strongly urges that you consider these measures as part of your static control program.

Terra Universal desiccator stainless steel shield diagram
Faraday cage protects shelf contents against ESD

1. Static Dissipative PVC
Acrylic, the most common plastic used in storage enclosures, is a prolific static generator. The act of cleaning an acrylic desiccator with a cleanroom wiper is enough to generate surface charges that can discharge onto semiconductor components. One way to avoid potentially disastrous static damage is to select static dissipative PVC.

This material not only dissipates static charges safely, but it also eliminates the particle attraction that static charges create. Surfaces stay clean, inside and out, making this material perfect for use in Class 1 cleanrooms.

Because static dissipative PVC is transparent and highly durable, it can be used in place of acrylic in nearly any application, desiccators included. It features a surface resistivity of approximately 107 ohms per square, placing it in the "dissipative range". It is completely noncontaminating - with no measurable outgassing - and it resists a wide range of chemicals.

Note: To protect static dissipative PVC surfaces, desiccators made of this material must include stainless steel shields installed at the bottom of each chamber.

2. Self-Balancing Ionizing Nozzles
By ionizing nitrogen molecules as they pass through the desiccator plenum wall, ionizing nozzles neutralize electrostatic charges on all interior surfaces. They provide practical ESD control for charged non-conductive materials, which cannot dissipate charges to ground. And because they eliminate static attractive forces, they help control contamination: in a statically neutral environment, any airborne particles that enter a desiccator are more likely to remain airborne and to be purged out of the cabinet.

3. Conductive Shelves, Shields and Trays
For smaller components that can be stored on shelves, Terra's grounded stainless steel shelving provide a 100% ESD-safe enclosure.

As the illustration depicts, grounded conductive plates (such as shelves) create a Faraday cage that prevents penetration of static charges. Because these conductive units are removable, they also protect your sensitive components from ESD as you transport them from one location to another.

Terra Universal Standard Adjust-a-Shelf™ Desiccator Cabinet with OptionsStandard Adjust-A-Shelf™ Desiccator Cabinets (Model Shown: No. 3950-36 with options)
Terra Universal 3950-45D desiccator shown with stainless steel shelves, humidity control and standNo. 3950-45, shown with electropolished stainless steel shelves, humidity controls and stand.
Terra Universal 3950-45D desiccator shown with stainless steel shelves, humidity control and standNo. 3950-48, shown with optional electropolished type 304 stainless steel shelves, humidity controls and stand.
Terra Universal Desiccator LockLatch

LatchLock® for Single Chamber Width Desiccators

  • Increase security of any desiccator equipped with Terra's standard LiftLatch®
  • Stainless steel locking bracket installs on standard Terra LiftLatch® assembly
  • 0.375" (10mm) holes accommodate most standard padlocks (padlock not included)
  • Installation included

Don't risk operational delays because of a damaged door.
Terra's desiccators last indefinitely. Doors, however, are subject to damage, and ordering a legacy replacement can be costly and disrupt operation. Avoid these problems by ordering replacement doors at the time you purchase the desiccator. Contact us for details.

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