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Terra Universal IsoDry™ Desiccator Cabinet Features
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IsoDry™ Desiccator Cabinet Features

  1. Gas Mixing Module
  2. RB® (Relief/Bleed) valve
  3. Optional IsoDry™ control systems allow set-point programming & display
  4. Optional relative humidity sensor
  5. Optional stands available with casters for easy cabinet positioning
  6. Optional nitrogen generator provides a continuous, reliable source of nitrogen up to 99% pure
  7. Doors reinforced with stainless steel frames
  8. Electropolished stainless steel perforated shelf
  9. Optional electropolished stainless steel solid shelf
  10. Flow meter kit with fittings and gas dilution power supply (not shown)
Shown left: No. 3950-36-ISO, shown with IsoDry™ Humidity Controllers, castered stand, shelves and Nitrogen Generator (order separately)

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Terra’s IsoDry™ Desiccators provide key performance improvements for your most critical humidity requirements:

  • RH Uniformity: Fans mix chamber gas with pure nitrogen to maintain uniform RH percentage throughout the cabinet, eliminating moisture "blind spots" that can degrade sensitive components. All chambers within a cabinet maintain the same humdity level (+/- 10% of set point - see chart below).
  • Continuous RH monitor/display: IsoDry™ sensor monitors the relative humidity percentage inside the cabinet
  • Low-Humidity Set Point Control: IsoDry™ control system lets you establish a sub-ambient set point to protect moisture-sensitive parts
  • Fast Recovery Time: IsoDry™ gas-flow engineering ensures that any moisture that enters the cabinet when doors are opened is quickly and efficiently diluted and purged from the cabinet, before it can affect stored contents
  • Versatile Applications: IsoDry™ technology can be built into any standard Terra desiccator

IsoDry™ Desiccators provide state-of-the-art, patent-pending humidity control technology to reduce moisture-related degradation of semiconductor components, electronics, medical devices, pharmaceutical powders, and other sensitive materials.

Each cabinet employs a gas mixing module that continuously dilutes moisture with clean, dry nitrogen. A variable-flow humidity control system initiates a high flow of pure nitrogen the second an access door is opened or the internal environment exceeds the user-programmed sub-ambient humidity set point. As pure nitrogen enters the cabinet, moisture are is released through an Automatic Relief/Bleed valve in each chamber. Once doors are closed and the system recovers set-point conditions, the system reverts to an economical low-flow purge (adjustable via the system flow meter) to conserve nitrogen.

Extensive testing demonstrates how this design produces superior RH uniformity and recovery times.

IsoDry™ Desiccators include reinforced stainless steel-framed doors, one automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) valve per chamber, flow meter kit with gas dilution power supply, electropolished stainless steel wire racks, and one electropolished stainless steel perforated shelf.

Terra Universal IsoDry™ Desiccator Cabinet Flow Meter
Flow meter module No. 1600-32-ISO (included) allows manual purging of cabinets of any size or chamber configuration
Terra Universal IsoDry™ Desiccator Cabinet Smart Module
Smart module No. 1911-30B-ISO provides low-cost alternative control system for benchtop (3-chamber) cabinets only
Terra Universal IsoDry™ Desiccator Cabinet Gas Dulution Module
IsoDry's™ Gas Dilution Module enhances relative humidity uniformally throughout the desiccator cabinet.
Terra Universal IsoDry™ Desiccator Cabinet Humidity Sensor
RH sensor provides continuous moisture monitoring.i>
Terra Universal IsoDry™ Static Dissipative PVC Dessicator Cabinet with 8 Chambers
8-chamber static dissipative PVC cabinet, No. 3950-00-ISOi>

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Terra Universal IsoDry™ Desiccator Comparison Chart
Terra Universal IsoDry™ Desiccator Recirculation Module
Recirculation module ensures humidify uniformity throughout the cabinet.

IsoDry™ Dual Purge/NitroWatch Systems

These controllers include a relative humidity sensor mounted inside the chamber and a Terra's IsoDry™ Dual Purge and NitroWatch™ systems, which work in tandem to ensure fast set point recovery times (see graph above).

The Dual Purge system provides a high-volume burst of nitrogen to attain the RH set point upon system setup. Once this set point is attained, it uses an economical low-flow purge to maintain the set point, and then activates the high-flow purge the minute a door opens to recover set point with minimal nitrogen waste. The NitroWatch™ provides continuous monitor/display of both measured RH and set point levels.

Status alerts built into the IsoDry™ Dual Purge System warn if incoming nitrogen line pressure falls below operational rates (signaling an interruption in the gas supply) or if the system remains in high-flow purge for an excessive period (signaling a door left ajar). This integrated system also provide the low-voltage power required by the IsoDry™ and a variable speed control for the dilution fans.

IsoDry™ Smart Humidity Module

This economical system provides relative-humidity set point monitoring and set-point control in 3-chamber benchtop cabinets. It includes a power supply for the Gas Mixing Module fans. Because it provides lower flow rates than the Dual Purge/NitroWatch systems, it is not suitable for use with cabinets containing more than three chambers or for applications that require RH set points below 15% RH. See chart with comparative purge times.

Flow Meter Control

A flow meter control system provides purging for non-critical humidity requirements without automated set-point control. This system includes a 0 - 20 SCFH flow meter, mounting hardware, and the power supply for the Dilution Module fans. It is suitable for use in cabinets of any size or chamber configuration.

What's Your Application?

The standard NitroPlex™ system provides unsurpassed moisture control in dozens of storage applications. Temperature, gas or biological sensors expand the range of critical operations. Which critical control application can you find in your facility?

  • Microelectronics components, SMDs, hybrid package
  • Storage of PCBs for rework
  • Pharmaceutical R&D studies
  • Kitting of high-precision watch components
  • Pass-through transfer of night-vision electronics
  • Lithium battery development
  • Humidity testing of cosmetics
  • Accelerated life testing of ICs
  • Animal inhalation and toxicology research
Terra Universal Nitrogen Generator for IsoDry™ Desiccator Cabinet

Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen generators give you a reliable point-of-use supply of up to 99%-pure nitrogen. Eliminate the drawbacks of canisters and 3rd-party suppliers! You control volume, purity and rate; all you need is a clean compressed-air feed. Terra's three sizes of maintenance-free membrane generators meet several capacity requirements are ideal for back-filling or continuous flow into desiccators, glove boxes, vacuum chambers and incubators.

Don't Risk Operational Delays becuase of a damaged door.

Terra's desiccators last indefinitely. Doors, however, are subject to damage, and ordering a legacy replacement can be costly and disrupt operation. Avoid these problems by ordering replacements at the time you purchase the desiccator. Contact us for details.

Browse our selection of IsoDry™ Desiccator Cabinets online.