Kiticcator™ Kitting Tray Desiccator Cabinets

Terra Universal Kiticcator™ Kitting Tray Desiccator Features
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Kiticcator™ Kitting Tray Desiccator Features:

  1. Optional Dual Purge™ System
  2. Optional NitroWatch® RH Controller
  3. Optional Stainless Steel Door Frame
  4. Grounding Terminals (Static Dissipative PVC Models)
  5. Optional Door Sensor Switches
  6. Plenum Chamber
  7. Optional Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valve
  8. One-Piece Gasket
  9. Optional electropolished stainless steel racks support various tote-box sizes
  10. Grounded Door Latch (Static Dissipative PVC Models)
  11. Stand with Casters
  12. Tamper-Proof Hinges
Terra's Kiticcator is the first desiccator engineered specifically for kitting operations involving tote boxes and other kitting trays.

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  • Provides organized, space-efficient storage of kitting trays (tote boxes) in a clean, dry, static-safe environment
  • Tote boxes slide in and out on electropolished stainless steel racks, allowing full view of contents without disturbing adjacent boxes
  • Completely automatic humidity control options extend yields while economizing on nitrogen consumption
  • Optional Static Dissipative tote boxes meet MIL-B-81705B specifications
  • Advanced door and seal engineering enhances performance, extends service life
  • Static Dissipative PVC construction on select models guards against both ESD and static-caused contamination - meets DOD HDBK 263 and MIL-SPEC 1686 and 1772 with proper accessories

Kiticcator™ Desiccator Storage Combines Performance and Practicality
It offers all the advantages of Terra's industry-leading desiccator systems: airtight, noncontaminating seals, a complete line of standardized accessories, and the most advanced humidity control systems available. These features minimize nitrogen consumption and, more importantly, extend the shelf lives and yields of stored components.

To these benefits, Kiticcators™ add dual electropolished stainless steel racks in each compartment that provide space-saving storage. By selecting a Kiticcator™ sized exactly to your tote boxes, you save time and money.

A more productive workflow - operators have a storage system where kitted totes can be organized and labeled by job, function, date, or other criteria.

Convenient access - any tote box in the Kiticcator™ can be moved independently of all others. Stainless steel racks allow boxes to slide in and out for complete viewing of contents. Multiple access doors restrict parts exposure.

Space-efficient storage - Kiticcators™ use every inch of available space! You take full advantage of your investment in clean, dry, static-safe storage.

Enhanced product protection - By placing a Kiticcator™ near your kitting operations, you eliminate the need to leave kitting boxes in unprotected environments. Kiticcators also reduce parts handling by eliminating the need to transfer parts in and out of kitting boxes at shift changes. The Kiticcator™ stores kitted parts indefinitely in a safe, controlled environment.

Clean, Durable Desiccator Design Eliminates Outgassing
Constructed of acrylic or Static Dissipative PVC, the Kiticcator™ features easy-open doors and one-piece wall construction to minimize the problems of peeling or sagging gaskets. A plenum chamber minimizes backfill. The perforated plenum wall ensures a homogeneous positive pressure and prevents contaminants and moisture from rushing into the rear of the Kiticcator™ when a door is opened. It also allows easy installation of ionizing nozzles and other optional accessories.

Automated Humidity Controls Minimize Defects, Extend Yields
Terra's advanced gas flow engineering produces a controlled humidity system that optimizes performance and minimizes nitrogen waste.

The Kiticcator™ comes with an inlet for the introduction of a purge gas, generally nitrogen, and an outlet for installation of the Automatic RB© Valve, which protects the chamber against overpressures and serves as a check valve.

The optional Dual Purge™ System regulates the gas inflow to maintain a positive pressure at all times - even when access doors are opened. The NitroWatch® operates in tandem with the Dual Purge™ System to maintain a selected low relative humidity level inside the cabinet. An LED provides a readout of the measured RH level. This smart control system reduces nitrogen waste by as much as 78% compared to a flow meter based system. More importantly, your sensitive materials are stored under traceable humidity conditions that help ensure their integrity.

Static Dissipative PVC: Optimal ESD and Particle Protection
Static Dissipative PVC is completely transparent and maintains its dissipative characteristics under the roughest treatment. It not only dissipates static charges safely, but it also eliminates the particle attraction that static charges create. Surfaces stay clean, inside and out.

Browse our selection of Kiticcator™ Kitting Tray Desiccators online.