Wafer Box Desiccator Cabinets

Terra Universal Wafer Box Desiccators
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Wafer Box Desiccator Features:

  1. Optional Dual Purge™ System
  2. Optional NitroWatch® RH Controller
  3. Optional Stainless Steel Door Frame
  4. Grounding Terminals (Static Dissipative PVC Model)
  5. Optional Door Sensor Switches
  6. Plenum Chamber
  7. Grounded Door Latch (Static Dissipative PVC Model)
  8. Optional Stand with Nylon Leveling Feet
  9. Tamper-Proof Hinges
Shown left: No. 9130-21A (for 20mm wafer carriers), shown with optional type 304 stainless steel door frames, humidity controllers, and stand.
Terra Universal Wafter Box Desiccator with Optional Stainless Steel Door Frames.No. 9130-23A (for 300mm wafers), shown with optional type 304 stainless steel door frames. Valuline models include doors without frames.

These wafer box desiccator cabinets are designed specifically for standard lot boxes used for 200mm and 300mm wafers.

  • Preserves moisture-sensitive wafers in a dry, particle-free environment
  • Automated nitrogen controls maintain user-selected humidity level (ambient down to 0% RH)
  • Engineered for optimal storage density of 200mm or 300mm wafers (in most standard cassettes and lot boxes)
  • Available in strong, rigid acrylic or static dissipative PVC, which protects against static charges and the particles they attract
  • Advanced construction features include plenum chamber, type 304 stainless steel door frames, LiftLatches™, and one-piece front sealing panel

Advanced Construction for Unsurpassed Performance
All cabinets are designed and fabricated using the latest-generation CAD/CNC equipment, ensuring the perfect form and fit required for optimal sealing. Because all system components are standardized, replacement and optional parts can be ordered at any time. Cabinets feature a plenum chamber for even gas distribution.

Standard Wafer Box Desiccators include stainless steel hardware, a plenum chamber, and gas ports for use with Dual Purge™ and NitroWatch® Systems (order separately), which enhance humidity recovery times.

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