D4 Modular Workstations from IAC Industries

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Dimension 4 Ergonomic Workstations from IAC Industries are the most versatile and useful workstations available. The system easily expands to meet growing needs through the addition of accessories and more modules. Workstation components are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum worker safety, improved efficiency and greater productivity.

The basic units are available in single-sided or double-sided workstation configurations and are easily customized to meet your exact needs. Also, with their intelligent design, Dimension 4 workstations can be quickly reconfigured any time your requirements change.

IAC D4 Modular Workstation Cell
IAC D4 Modular Workstation Starter Unit

D4 Starter Units

Starter units are the first building blocks for a Dimension 4 system. They can be used in stand-alone applications or joined with adders to make in-line and cell systems.

It consists of two uprights, a worksurface, support brackets and hardware.

IAC D4 Modular Workstation Adder Unit

D4 Adder Units

Adder units include only one upright, and are used to fill out the rest of the stations in a line.

The worksurface mounts between the provided upright and an existing starter or adder unit's upright, essentially sharing the upright to create a single, in-line unit.

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