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Wearwell Personal Site Surveyor with Safety Facility Manager

Want to get the most from your Industrial Athletes?

Give them the best field of play for their line of work.

In business we enter the competitive arena everyday. We send our industrial athletes to the playing field and expect them to outperform the competition.

You suit them up with hats, gloves, glasses, and send them out onto a concrete playing field, right?

In sports every playing field is different, and has to take into account the environment and the demands of the athlete. All too often, our Industrial Athletes are expected to perform their best on a sub-par field - cold, hard, slick, unforgiving concrete. Give your Athletes the right Wearwell surface and gain the competitive edge your team needs on game day!

You can improve safety, performance and morale with the right surface solution!



of occupational injuries are from slips, trips, falls and strains



Average cost of a single floor related injury.



The average number of missed work days due to occupational injuries.

What can you gain from a Site Survey?

Wearwell Free Site Survey Tablet

No matter if you are a safety or facility manager looking to improve safety and performance, or an operations manager interested in reducing costs and meeting regulations, a Site-Survey can offer opportunities to help meet your goals.

  • Improve Safety Performance
  • Prevent Lost Time
  • Manage Risk and Compliance
  • Reduce Down-Time
  • Heighten Morale & Productivity

Where To Start

With shrinking budgets and limited resources, it is getting more difficult than ever to effectively track all of the requirements of your facility.

Let us assist you and your purchasing distributor with a flooring and matting plan to meet your budget and needs. It all starts with a state of the art Wearwell Site-Survey as the first step.

What We Do

Assess the situation based upon your issues, concerns and budget.

How We Do It

A Wearwell expert will perform a complete assessment of your site and record the results using our state of the art mobile application.

What We Do

We provide a detailed report with recommendations for ergonomic flooring and matting to address the needs of your facility.


The Wearwell Site-Survey is Free of charge.

This service is valued at $2000, but we provide it at no charge with confidence we will earn your business.

Work with your Current Distributors.

With our large network of top notch distributors, purchasing Wearwell flooring and matting is simple and convenient.

Your team, your plan.

You can prioritize based on your time-line and budget.

Backed by 65 Years of Expertise.

You could purchase competitor products, but we are confident you won’t find any that can compare to the quality and value of a Wearwell product.

We're up to the Challenge

Cutting Edge Site-Survey Process

Even the best teams are faced with challenges. You don’t have to go it alone. Tackle them with one of our nationwide team of experts. Using state of the art tools, they’ll assess your matting condition, and create a game plan specific to your goals, initiatives and budget.

Take advantage of this valuable service today and experience how Wearwell can help you achieve your goals.

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