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Aven 26800C-551

Pen-Type Microscope with LED Light, 50x

Precision pocket "pen type" microscope slim enough to fit in your pocket. Comes with a pocket clip and a bright LED light to illuminate the object you are viewing. Has a beveled opening to gather and focus light, providing a distortion free inverted image. The scope is 5" high with a 1/4" OD eyepiece.

Applications: Specimen examination in laboratories before sample preparation; Printed circuit board inspection especially for hair line cracks; Printing industry for "dot" measurement; Gemstone examination.

Your Price: $21.70


  • Perfect "pen-type" microscope with magnification of 50x
  • Includes pocket clip and a bright LED light
  • Beveled opening to gather and focus light
  • Provides distortion free inverted image
  • Ideal for inspection in electronics, medical, printing, and jewelry industries

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I103959
MFG Part Number 26800C-551
Brand Aven
Shipping Weight 1.0000
Magnification 50x
Light LED