Bantex 2410-COLOR-24

Cohesive Gauze, 3/4" x 30' Roll

No other products offer Bantex's versatility. Unlike adhesive wraps, Bantex adheres only to itself, not skin or hair. Use in place of a glove or a finger cot, Bantex is non-toxic, economical and provides maximum dexterity since you wrap just the area you need to protect.

Research shows that over 15% of all industrial injuries are finger injuries. Many can be prevented by Bantex, the best protective wrap available. Bantex is non-sticky, long lasting, and allows a sense of 'feel' to maximize grip and dexterity. Its value has been proven through decades of use in a wide variety of environments.

Although Bantex was originally designed as a convenient bandage, its industrial applications are countless. Mail sorters, technicians, and workers who deal with small parts use Bantex to prevent cuts and scrapes on their knuckles, fingertips, and hands. Automotive workers use Bantex to prevent sandpaper from chafing and scraping skin when detailing cars. Food service employees protect hands from hot plates and food with Bantex, and meat processing workers use it to prevent potentially harmful cuts.

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Your Price: $348.55


There is a minimum order quantity of 2 Cases (48 Rolls) for Blue and Tan colors.

Dynamically Self-Bonding:
Layers weld together with strong cohesive action as the protective wrap is applied. Unlike adhesive tape, it "sticks" to itself rather than the surface it is applied to. This action is instantaneous, resulting from only gentle pressure of application. Strength of bond actually increases from friction and stress -- physical activity need not be restricted.

Water Resistance is Positive and Absolute:
Perspiration, washing, soaking, bathing, or long immersion in soapy or detergent solutions will not loosen the cohesive bond. The same is true of fine powders and dusts.

Comfortable and Wear-Resistant:
Porosity permits air circulation. Effective wherever skin traction is not needed. Will not distort, slip or loosen providing firmer and more positive protection.

Easy and Painless to Remove:
Simply snip through the entire wrap and lift away gently, with no pulling of skin or hair, no disturbance of healing tissues, and no sticky residue requiring clean-up solvents.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I139505
MFG Part Number 2410-COLOR-24
Brand Bantex
Shipping Weight 2.0000