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BenchPro RWR2448

Workbench with 1.75" Oiled Maple Butcher Block Work Surface & Rounded Front Edge, 24" x 48"

BenchPro™ Roosevelt Series work benches are constructed of 2" x 3", 14-gauge folded steel legs and a 1" x 2", 14-gauge steel apron. These benches can withstand loads of up to 1,200 lbs. of evenly distributed weight, making BenchPro™ workbenches some of the strongest, most reliable benches on the market.

Roosevelt Series legs are adjustable from 30" to 34.75".

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Workbench with 1.75" Oiled Maple Butcher Block Work Surface & Rounded Front Edge, 24" x 48"

Accessories not included.

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Your Price: $305.76


Preferred for its hard surface, beauty and durability, the butcher block work surfaces used by BenchPro™ are made from 1.75" thick strips of genuine maple hardwood. To prevent warpage and splitting, the wood is dried in a low-heat atmosphere for almost one year before it is cut into strips and glued edge to edge. The hardwood strips vary in width, giving the work surface added strength, while reducing the probability of them splitting.

BenchPro™ receives the raw tops directly from the mill, then sizes and sands them, rounds the edges, and finally applies either an oiled or lacquered finish. While lacquer finished tops have a nicer appearance for offices, oiled finish tops are less expensive and can be resurfaced easily, making them better for high-use, production areas.

BenchPro™ workbenches assemble easily in minutes. The top and apron are factory assembled and welded for stability, and the legs bolt to the worksurface with one strong bolt per leg. Hundreds of optional accessories can be utilized by attaching uprights to your work bench.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I136542
MFG Part Number RWR2448
Brand BenchPro
Shipping Weight 87.0000
Width / Depth 24"
Length 48"
Work Surface Maple Butcher Block
Edge Rounded Front Edge
Frame Folded Steel
Capacity 1,200 lbs.
Adjustment Leg Adjustment
Warranty 25 Years