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CleanPro CPDP1212-P

Double Knit PRO 10 Polyester Wipes, 12" x 12", Flat Packed

  • 100% Polyester Double Knit (Continuous Filament)
  • Extremely Precise Laser Sealed Edge
  • Low Aerosol, Liquid, and NVR Counts
  • Critical Cleanliness, Abrasion Resistance, & Chemical Compatibility
  • Monofilament Structure Ensures a Strong and Durable Material
  • Double Knit Pattern Enhances Entrapment and Particulate Removal
  • Laundered & Double Bagged in an ISO Class 4 Cleanroom Environment
  • Continuously Monitored Production, Lot to Lot Tracking
Your Price: $37.82
(Pack of 150)

Double Knit PRO 10 Polyester Wipes, 12" x 12", Flat Packed

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The CleanPro® Double Knit 10 features 100% polyester with a double-knit, continuous filament fabric. Laser sealed edges provide extremely precise borders with minimal disruption of surrounding fiber material. The process is superior to knife cut edges and much more consistent. Laser sealed edges prevent fraying and unravelling for reliable performance under high stress wipedown or cleaning. A cross-hatch, double knit pattern provides unidirectional wiping stability and aggressive particulate removal. Every batch is processed and double bagged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I205932
MFG Part Number CPDP1212-P
Brand CleanPro
Shipping Weight 2.6000
Cleanroom Class ISO Class 4 (Fed. Class 10), ISO Class 5 (Fed. Class 100), ISO Class 6 (Fed. Class 1,000), ISO Class 7 (Fed. Class 10,000)
Material Polyester
Style Knit
Edge Sealed Edge