CleanPro DuraTack

CleanPro® Custom Cut DuraTack Tack Regenerating Sticky Mat

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A high performance, industrial strength contamination control mat, DuraTack is ideal for inside and outside critical areas such as cleanrooms. The permanently tacky surface is designed to remove even the finest particles off shoes or wheels. In fact, 98% to 100% of all such contamination will be removed if each foot touches the mat 3 times. DuraTack is also a great dirt control solution in heavy use, less critical areas such as offices, labs, inspection rooms, or any area where the tracking of dirt and small debris can be a maintenance nightmare. DuraTack mats come with a two year warranty, and have an expected life of 3-5 years if properly cared for. For permanent installation we recommend the use of our dry adhesive.

All DuraTack mats include perimeter double-sided adhesive tape for easy installation. For larger installations, we recommend StatPro Adhesive Backing. View our easy installation video.

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Your Price: $35.86


DuraTack Features:
• When Cleaned, the surface will regenerate its tack. To clean, just mop with water or a low Ph cleaner. Squeegee the extra moisture off the mat and allow the mat to dry.
• DuraTack's super polymer surface is bonded to a durable base that provides stability and long-lasting performance.
• DuraTack has an adhesive backing that prevents mat movement and eliminates the need for a supplemental tray.
• Surface is static dissipative: RTT = 1x108 to 1x1010 ohms.
• The mat has a low profile to accommodate any doorway.
• DuraTack is a "green" product and can be used to replace multiple layer tacky mats. With no sheets to throw away, there is much less waste.
• Maintain and extend the life of your DuraTack with Green Clean, a tack regenerating solution.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I161186
MFG Part Number DuraTack
Brand CleanPro
Shipping Weight 1.0000
Width / Depth Custom
Length Custom
Surface Tack Regenerating
Color Blue