Desco 10435 Reztore™ Anti-Static Surface & Mat Cleaner, 1 Quart Bottle

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• 1 Quart Trigger Spray Bottle of Liquid: Spray on and wipe clean to remove dust, grease, grime, fingerprints, and solder flux and other contaminants from ESD mats and other surfaces without degrading the surface's ability to drain charges.
• Does Not Contain Silicone or Other Substances That Will Leave an Insulative Residue on Surfaces: Cleaners with silicone leave an insulative layer preventing conductive or dissipative mats from functioning properly.
• No Alkali, Ammonia, Other Harsh Chemicals; Common to Many Surface Cleaners: Prolonged use of straight or diluted harsh chemicals will damage mats (vinyl or rubber). Mats will dry-out, become stiff and slick and difficult to use.
• Contains No Dyes or Coloring Agents: Surface cleaners with dyes may cause surface discoloration. Especially on semi-porous surfaces such as vinyl or rubber mats.
• Low Volatility, Non-Flammable, And Non-Toxic: Safe for use in production areas and safe for operator contact.
• Can Be Refilled With Cleaner 2.5 Gallon Cube-Bag-In-Box Refill System
• Lead-free RoHS compliant
• Made in The United States of America

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I140610
MFG Part Number 10435
Brand Desco
Shipping Weight 2.3300
ESD Properties Dissipative
Size 1 Quart